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Diana Salles, proudly a trans woman, was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1996. Her serendipitous encounter with circus set her life on a new trajectory filled with passion and artistic expression. In 2013, she embarked on her circus journey by joining the Escola de Circo e Artes Culturais in Brazil. There, she discovered a profound love for the art form and a desire to pursue it professionally. Recognizing her potential, Diana decided to further her training and enrolled at the Superior School of Circus Arts (ESAC) in Brussels. It was during her time at ESAC that she specialized in aerial silks and honed her skills, developing a unique and captivating style.

After graduating in 2018, Diana's exceptional talent and dedication were acknowledged with several prestigious awards for her mesmerizing performance piece titled "Genèse." Notably, she received the bronze medal and the esteemed "Prix de la Ville de Paris" at the 40th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. She also earned the silver medal and the Audience's prize at the Iberoamerican Circus Festival (FIRCO) in 2019, solidifying her reputation as an emerging talent in the circus world.

Throughout her career, Diana has actively sought collaborative opportunities and engaged in diverse artistic projects. In 2021, she co-directed her first show with the TSAK! kollektive, an exciting venture that received support from the Hannover Unesco City of Music. Simultaneously, she showcased her versatility and artistic range by performing in the Queer Cabaret LILA LIED, a collaborative production with SCHWUZ in Berlin. The following year, Diana was invited to join the original cast of SABOTAGE, a highly acclaimed production by the renowned NofitState circus company based in the UK.

Diana's philosophy is rooted in the power of connection and the transformative nature of the stage. She believes circus has the ability to bring people together, create unforgettable moments, and inspire personal growth. Over the years, circus has become the driving force in Diana's life, continually surprising and enriching her journey. She views circus as a realm of endless possibilities, where one can explore the depths of their creativity and connect with audiences on a profound level. Her debut solo show, DELUSIONAL, delves into her own personal voyage as a trans woman, exploring themes of liberation, overcoming the past, and embracing true authenticity. Premiering at the esteemed Amsterdam Fringe Festival, the show showcases Diana's exceptional talent and her commitment to artistic expression.


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